April 11th , 2011 (RIP Keanu B.)

Keanu Robert Bergau . 1995-2011
he was a strong, independent person. he represented country well. he never took shit from anybody. the was the TRUE country souljah. the KING! now it is just one less souljah walken the streets. he was so young, he had plenny of friends and family. he had every right to be happy and smile. he had alot to see and plenny to experience. its sad to see him go. Keanu, you have special places in our hearts. you aint gone to us. we just cant get over the fact that you not here. it easy to say that you is in one better place, but its very hard to let you go. we try not to say goodbye because this aint goodbye. we gonna see you soon. just wait for us. any light we see, thats you looking after us. our memories will never fade and we will never forget you. We love you Keanu , and we miss you choke. See you soon.

February 14th, 2011

Happy Valentines Day world. Crap, this keyboard is so fcking irrkamating. So smallliiyy. Sorry, i making up my own words cause idk. Omg, its valentines day and my josh isnt hereee!!! ugggh, Kaym ill tell you what I got, I got a Balloon frm Brittney, and a necklace frm Precious, i love you bothhh. Keh blog laters yah, i got to go . bye ~krycel~