May 20th, 2010

Keh, for starts...Happy Birthday Corry. && Today was like the most boringEST day ever. But it still has its advantages. In Science, we watched a movie about the Ocean, com on. We know enough about the ocean. Math, was kinna fun. We played cards, games like Go Fish, Frustration, && Kings. && Still yet, Josten has mii cards. But, but , BUT . I got an F+ on my math test. Humph. :P , && lastly. Social Studies. Too much to explain for BORINGNESS. But lunch, LUNCH is when it all happened. Fight, no durrrrrr. Aspen && Mary. I wasn't dere but i watched from a far. hahaha =). IDK who won ? ? ? yeah. So Precious slapped me today. && idk why ? Wait, i kno why but, I not going tell you. Probably gonna false me 2morrow. But idk. Ill see it coming. Ill fill yah in later. Blog Later. ~Krycel~